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Naiades masthead is a website I created in the mid-90's, during the 3 months I spent in a body cast after I had back surgery. I was supposed to lie in bed all day to give my back a chance to heal, and it was very, very boring. So, I created a website. I have just enough nostalgia attached to the site that I can't bring myself to take the pages down. But, fair warning, the past is full of cheesy Java applets and GIF animations. :)

My current web home is

Welcome to, the home of a bizarre collection of games, things to read, things to look at and links to my personal favorite sites to visit. I make no guarantee of relevance for any content on these pages.

The most unique content this site offers is in Java Drops where you can play my version of MasterMind. Lewis Carroll fans, or those just looking for a strange and funny read should go for The Hunting of the Snark, located in Eye Candy.

The latest modification to the site is a new version of the ticker tape applet below, with changable colors and text. Download the applet for your own page from this page (includes instructions).

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In my continuing quest to attain greater geekyness,
I now run a tri-operating system network at home.
Get geek gear at: Walnut Creek.
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