Master Mind
Version 2.1

Welcome to the most interesting brain teaser game in the world! At least I think it is, which is why I bothered to write this applet in the first place.

In the latest update, I fixed a minor bug that only appeared in Internet Explorer.

The controls are simple: select a color from the pull-down menu and click on a peg in the last line on the board to change it's color. When you're ready, click the "Test" button and MasterMind will tell you how close your line is to the Master's choices (black peg = right color, right place; white peg = right color, wrong place). The "New" button starts a new game.

As an interesting aside, did you know that MasterMind's reply system is actually a base 3 number system where 0 is not represented and the order of digits is irrelevant (and arbitrarily standardized)? I bet you were just dying to know that.

Well, have fun!

last updated 8/6/99

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Disclaimer: the name "Mastermind", the toy and distinctive likenesess thereof are the properties of Hasbro Inc. This applet is an unofficial, not-for-profit version and neither it nor this site is endorsed by Hasbro in any way. Hasbro sells a CD-ROM version of its game (Windows only :-( ) which is, of course, much more exciting than this one, so try their website.