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RandomQuote applet

This applet displays a quote selected randomly every time your page is loaded. Try it out:

First download this class file: RandomQuote.class (3k) and upload it to your web page in the same directory as the html file you want it to appear in.

Paste the HTML tag below into your page replacing the items in red with your own values. You can include as many quotes as you want, just follow the format of "quote#" for the name and indicate the total number of quotes in the "totalquotes" parameter.

By popular demand, (okay, I had a single request :-) Anyway...) I've made the colors changeable. The options for colors (background and text) are "cream", "chinablue", "white", "black","blue", "lightblue", "brick", "yellow", and "hotpink" (hot pink was specifically requested, makes you wonder, hmmm? Well I'm not telling). If you don't include the "background" and "textcolor" parameters in your HTML file the applet defaults to china blue on cream. If you set one of the color parameters to a value it doesn't support, you'll get a boring dead grey color.

<applet code="RandomQuote.class" width=400 height=30>
<param name="background" value="brick">
<param name="textcolor" value="yellow">
<param name="totalquotes" value="4">
<param name="quote1" value="1st Quote">
<param name="quote2" value="2nd Quote">
<param name="quote3" value="3rd Quote">
<param name="quote4" value="4th Quote">

Of course, you don't have to use the applet for quotes, you can use it for just about any bit of text. Send suggestions for extra color options or other features to the address below.

October 31, 1999

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