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Computer Discount Warehouse. I got my graphics tablet here.
Okay, it's not exactly a retailer, but if you want cheap hardware, software or media, you can't beat an online auction.
Mac hardware and software.
One of the classic stores for Mac stuff. For non-Mac try MicroWarehouse.
Used (cheap!) Macs.
This store is my new favorite. Good prices and free next day air shipping!
I first encountered them through their auctions on eBay. Sometimes they have pretty good prices on media.
Otherwise known as The Mac Zone or PC Zone. Another well-known company, that doesn't need to work to attract customers.


Adobe Systems
Absolutely the coolest computer graphics program on the planet (Photoshop, and don't I wish I could afford it!) and other stuff. Download a crippleware demo. Buy online.
The makers of the UltraSlate (my current graphics tablet). They also now own SummaGraphics who made my last graphics tablet.
Download the latest printer drivers or buy products and accessories online.
Zip, Jaz, yadda, yadda. Download the latest drivers.
Shockwave, Flash, Authorware, etc...
Why bother saying anything? Everybody knows.
Nisus Software
The company that sells my favorite word processing program Nisus Writer (it has useful HTML tools too).
Starship Titanic
Remember the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game? Well forget it because Douglas Adams' latest software masterpiece leaves it in the dust. This game is tops on my list for fun software purchases this year.
Norton Utilities and anti-virus software. Buy from the online store.
The makers of Quicken financial software.

Shareware & Freeware

MacPlay Demos
Decent I & II, Out of this World, etc.
Eidos Interactive Demos
Tomb Raider I, II & III, Fighting Force N64, Ninja...
Oddities, Curios & Rarities for Macintosh
Lots of fun stuff and some pretty bizarre stuff.
Jumbo: The Download Network
Stuff for Mac and Win/DOS.
Screen Savers Bonanza
Macintosh screen savers of everything from M&Ms to Boeing aircraft.
David Bishop's Applications Page
Games and other software.
The Info-Mac HyperArchive
Mac software at MIT.
The U-M Software Archive
Software at UMich. Mac software.
Software for Windows, Mac, BeOS, Linux, Java, etc.: some games.

November 21, 1999

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