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HTML Primer
Good introduction and reference for HTML basics.

HTML quick reference
Not as clear, or as introductory, but occasionally useful.
Info on graphics for web pages: web friendly pallets, image compression...
Mosaic Backgrounds
Neat backgrounds for a quick spruce-up.


Matt's Script Archive
Free CGI scripts. Text and graphical counters, guestbooks, clocks, etc. Only useful if your server is configured to execute CGI scripts (if you're not sure, check out the site anyway, it tells you how to find out).
The Ultimate Counter
Free counter and clock. Get a counter even if you can't use CGI scripts.
"Your source for free and pay-for-use Web Auditing and Counting services." This is the counter on my main page.

Utilities & Reference
Full of great tips and tools including: a tool for submitting your web page URL to multiple search engines, how to use meta tags to let people know what your site is about, and how to add a search engine to your site.
WC3's HTML Home Page
HTML Validation, specifications for HTML 4.0 and 3.2, authoring tips, etc...
Free Online Link Testing, HTML Validation, Spell Checking, etc...
Common Internet File Formats
Common formats and the best way to read them.
Public Domain
When do works pass into the public domain? In other words, what can you legally put in your web page?

A home for your page

Network Solutions
Domain name registration services.
Domain name registration in the U.S. is no longer a monopoly, see this bit of info before you decide.
DNS Resources Directory
Info about the domain name system.
DNS Demystified
An article by Al Berg on the domain name system. LAN Times 6/9/97

August 7, 1999

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