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My favorite place to start
And if I don't find it there...
An online phonebook: find just about anything in most major cities.
Great for planning a trip.
What's playing now and where?
Blockbuster Video
Any new releases?
WWWebster Dictionary
Look up a word, play the word game of the day, subscribe to the Word of the Day list.
Webster's Dictionary - UCSD
A very basic text dictionary. No waiting for graphics to download.
Name Finder
Do you ever wonder what your name means?
Myths and Legends
Who was Freya? How about Agayvlige?

Do something fan-ish.

For something completly different
Larry Norman
Don't ask me, I'm only visiting this planet.
The Pretender Adventure
Make your own Centre character and try your hand at tracking Jarod.
The TARDIS Databanks
Who's who on Dr.Who. Lots of great movies and sound clips.
Star Trek: Continuum
"The official site." Learn Klingon. Find out if Grand Nagus Zek was really played by Wallace Shawn (Vizini, The Princess Bride) (yes), or if Michael Weiss (Jarod, The Pretender) ever guest starred as a Romulan (no, but he sure looks like one).
Star Trek Books
Get the latest and the greatest.

August 11, 1999

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