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Places to Shop...
Great posters and prints. Escher, blacklight, space...
Books, books and more books! Also CDs, videos and more.
Barnes and Noble
Another source for buying books online.
Beverages Direct
Some of the weirdest sodas you'll ever see, shipped straight to your door.
Links to just about every online store in the U.S.
Listen to sound clips from CDs and tapes before you buy them (or just listen to them for the fun of it).
Cosmo's dog bakery
Treat your dog. Even if you don't have a dog, it's a bizarre site worth looking at.
You probably can't afford it, but you can salivate over name-brand DVD players, Dolby receivers, and speakers that can rupture your eardrums without distorting. And no annoying sales clerks who look at you like you're going to slip those tower speakers into your pocket and sneak out the back door.
Lands' End
Nothing exotic, but comfortable jeans and office-type clothes that don't feel like they're going to strangle you.
J. Peterman
Bizarre clothes presented in a flamboyantly snob-ish style dripping with sarcasm. To give you an idea, they sold duplicates of Emma Peel's wardrobe from the recent remake of The Avengers.
Get deals on plane tickets.
Stash Tea
Obscure and exotic teas, as well as the more mundane ones.
More cheap plane tickets.

Special Deals and Free Stuff

My Points
Get free stuff for visiting web sites and reading e-mail messages.
Otto's Salt Free Seasonings
Enhance your meals with Otto's Salt Free Seasonings. If you put a link to their site on your page, they'll send you a free bottle to try. I got their free sample and I like it.
The Free Site!
All sorts of free offers. Most are computer-related, but product samples links to offers for some wild stuff.
T-shirt Outlet
Get a free T-shirt. Plus lots more links to free-stuff sites.
Grocery coupons online. You print them.
More self-print coupons online. Membership (which is free) is required to get the offers.

October 17, 1999

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